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Elected and Appointed Officials

Debbie Ramirez has been actively involved in school issues for well over a decade and has proven herself to be a passionate and well-informed advocate for our 5th District children and the educational system. — Lynda Hopkins
Sonoma County 5th District Supervisor
Debbie brings passion, intelligence, and experience to this important position. We need her insights and leadership to help us meet our district’s challenges. — Lewis Buchner
Incoming Area 5 Trustee, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Serving alongside Debbie for 9 years on the SUSD Board, I witnessed firsthand how Debbie’s dedication to serving as a trustee and commitment to the community through understanding the issues, asking pertinent questions, and respecting and listening to all stakeholders made her an excellent Trustee. During tight budgets, conflicting educational priorities and declining enrollment, Debbie combined her knowledge and natural optimism to find innovative solutions, operated with complete integrity, and always kept her focus on working towards what’s best for students now and into the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Ramirez for the WSCUHSD Board of Trustees.   — Deborah Drehmel
Board President, Sebastopol Union School District
Debbie is a dedicated, smart and morally driven community advocate with a wealth of knowledge to share in regards to school governance and equity in education.  — Angie Lewis
Trustee, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Debbie has a great understanding and perspective on the public education system. California needs more knowledgeable school board members like her! — Cinnamon O'Neill Paula
Board President, Southern Humboldt Joint Unified School District
Herman G. Hernandez
Area 5 Trustee, Sonoma County Office of Education School Board
Max Broome
Trustee, Forestville Union School District
LyndseyRose Burcina
Currently serving as Commissioner on the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights
Shawn Chernila
Incoming Area 1 Trustee, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Steve Griffith
Director, Forestville Water District
Joe Pogar
Trustee, Sebastopol Union School District
Elizabeth Smith
Trustee, Sebastopol Union School District
Alison Trujillo
Board President, Fort Ross Elementary School District

Former School Board Members

Debbie Ramirez understands what makes an effective board member. She knows it is not the board's responsibility to run the day to day workings of the district, but the Superintendent's . She is knowledgable in the legal and fiscal responsibilities of a board member and I believe  she will make a positive impact on the board. She is intelligent and caring and will listen to community and student concerns and work to make the school a better place for all. — Kimberly Lambert
Retired Trustee, Guerneville School District (20 years)
Debbie has been at the side lines of the high school district for years and understands the intricacies that bind and divide people in West County. If everyone could leave their differences at the door, joining together and working for the common good of the kids, then this district has a chance to survive. If parents send their kids to a different high school, it will be increasingly difficult to afford quality education for the ones who stay in West County. — Diane Landry
Former Trustee, West Sonoma County Union High School District (16 years) and Former Trustee, Old Adobe Union School District (8 years)
Renata Brillinger
Former Trustee, Sebastopol Union School District
Jeanne Broome
Former Student Board Member, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Kelly Hennessy
Former board member/CFO of Credo High School
Josh Nultemeier
Former Trustee, Forestville Union Elementary School District
Matt O’Donnell
Former Trustee, Oak Grove Union School District
Dylan Peña Perez
Former Student Board Member, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Steve Schwartz
Former Trustee, Gravenstein Union School District
Mac Thompson
Former Trustee, Sebastopol Union School District

Teachers, School Administrators, and other School Staff

While Debbie served as a trustee on the Sebastopol Union School District board, our schools were facing many challenges including difficult negotiations, district reconfiguration, hard financial decisions, and major facilities projects. Debbie always had insightful questions and looked at each challenge from all sides. Her decision making is thoughtful and inclusive, based on available data, and she is sensitive to stakeholder engagement. — Linda Irving
Superintendent, Sebastopol Union School District
Debbie has a reputation throughout West Sonoma County as an informed and dedicated leader.  She has a proven track record as a board member and will be a strong fiscal manager and advocate for equity and success for all students.  She has my full support. — Amie Carter, Ed.D
Marin County Assistant Superintendent of Education Services
Happy to know there is a strong leader that help make decisions for the students in our schools. — Alicia Frost
Fort Ross School
Debbie has put so much energy into understanding our district that she is primed to improve our schools for students. — John Grech
Teacher, West Sonoma County Union High School District

Debbie served as a dedicated and respected trustee for the Sebastopol Union School Board for nine years. During that time, she did whatever possible to ensure equity and provide enriched learning for students, while maintaining respect and consideration for all levels of school staff. She fostered the inclusion of parents and families, as well as partnerships with community groups. She demonstrated fair and rational thinking and the ability to utilize critical analysis in crucial decision-making processes.

— Debbie Hanks, M.Ed.
Former Sebastopol Union School District Principal-Assistant Superintendent
Debbie has the expertise and passion for this position. She holds equity at the forefront of her decisions and will work for students from all of the former West County High School campuses. — Daniela Kingwill
Instructor, SRJC/ Analy alum
Debbie has the experience, expertise, and commitment that our West Sonoma County Union High School District School Board needs to serve our students and our community. — Beth Ann Turner
Lecturer, Sonoma State University
Angela Cloud
Matt Dunkle
Superintendent, Forestville Union School District
Anna Frattolillo
Sunny Galbraith
Teacher, Twin Hills School District
Wyndham Galbraith
Math Instructor, Sonoma State & SRJC
Leslie Grassl
Teacher, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Melissa Hall
Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District
Kimberly Hoch
Aftercare Coordinator, Sebastopol Independent Charter School
Melina Izzarelli
Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District
Jeanna King-Ruppel
Restorative Response Specialist, Santa Rosa City Schools
Corey Lott
Educational Consultant / Credentialed Teacher
Lana McNamara
Special Education Teacher, Santa Rosa City Schools
Karen Merkley
Instructional Aide, Wright Elementary School District
Heidi Pedrazzetti
Counselor / Department Chair, Santa Rosa City Schools
Terence Rodgers
Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District
Mary Beth Smith
Teacher, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Chris Topham
Executive Director, Sebastopol Independent Charter School

Retired Education Professionals

I strongly back Debbie Ramirez for the West Sonoma County High School District school board. She has had advocacy for our students as a priority as long as I’ve known her. She understands the intricacies of working in this political environment while keeping the students' best interest at heart. She will do what’s right for our students and teachers. I’m so glad she is running!  — Aphrodite Bellochio
Retired Teacher / Director, Childkind Preschool
I’ve known Debbie for sixteen years and I admire her passion, work ethic and interest in education. She is perfectly qualified for this position.   — Franny Minervini-Zick
Founder of Tree House Hollow Preschool
I saw Debbie in action for years as she served on the Sebastopol Union School Board, where I ran one of the district’s schools. Debbie cares about students, the local community, and she asks thoughtful questions while weighing difficult decisions. — Susan Olson
Former Executive Director of Sebastopol Charter School, Financial Advisor @ Abacus Wealth Partners
As a parent, Debbie was supportive of all student backgrounds in her children's classes. She offered assistance to the teacher, class, and students, in a myriad of ways. She was a strong grant writer, and led fundraising campaigns for a variety of projects at all sites in the District. — Jeff Stucker
Retired Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District

Over the years, I have attended countless school board meetings and observed numerous board members discussing governance issues. I have never seen a board member as informed, articulate, and compassionate as Ramirez proved herself to be. She has a strong handle on school governance and finance, is aware of the high schools’ challenges and growth areas and is supportive of teachers. Most importantly, she is a stalwart advocate for our community’s young people.

— Tanya Turneaure
Retired Teacher, Salmon Creek School
Cathie Anderson
Former Board President, Camp Meeker Rec and Park & Retired, Food Service Harmony Union School District
Ed Berger
Retired Math Professor
Joanie Blechel
Retired Forestville School Teacher
Elaine Covell
Retired Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District
Jim Deis
Retired Teacher, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Tom Glover
Retired Teacher & Administrator, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Laura Lee
Retired Teacher, Santa Rosa City Schools
Mike McBride
Retired Teacher & Principal, Sebastopol Union School District
Bill Olzman
Retired Teacher, West Sonoma County Union High School District and Former President, West Sonoma County Teachers' Association
Madeline Rose
Retired Professor, Sonoma State University
Carol Singleton
Retired Librarian, Sonoma County Library
Jane Urmini
Retired Teacher, Sebastopol Union School District
Tonia Zepponi
Retired Teacher, San Rafael City School District

Community Supporters

Debbie is made for this role! She knows how to listen and act from a place of knowledge, fairness, and creativity. She grounds her vision and forward-thinking in reality and facts. Debbie has my vote and complete support. — Rachel Averbuck
I have known Debbie since our children were in kindergarten together. She has always shown her support, attention, and care for our Sebastopol schools, and most importantly, the children who attend them. Debbie has put in countless hours of hard work for our community. Debbie has always been able to explain all the the challenges, issues, and decisions that involve our town & our schools! She makes it a point to understand all sides clearly. I highly recommend her for the school board position, and support her candidacy 100%. I personally feel better knowing a parent with her sense of responsibility, understanding & hard work will be serving our community at our local high school. I have lived in Sebastopl for 22 years and have had three children move through our schools, therefore I have a clear idea of the challenges the district faces. I am very grateful Debbie has decided to run for this position. — Lisa Barkman
Ever since meeting Debbie a dozen years ago and seeing her on an almost daily basis for a large chunk of that, public education has been a high priority for her -- not just with talk but involvement and action. I was about to reach out and ask if she might be interested in running for this position only to discover she already was. Please come out and vote for Debbie Ramirez this fall -- her experience with and knowledge of the many critical factors affecting our local school will be a great asset to all who call West Sonoma County home. — Scott Barkman
Debbie has been a stalwart defender of education for all of west county. She has been an active participant in the community, and shown her competence in understanding both the system and the needs of the communities around her. After many conversations over the last year with Debbie I feel confident she will seek the best possible solutions for our students. — Damian Bouné
I have volunteered with Debbie on education issues, attended meetings with her, and listened to her speak and testify. Her knowledge deep into the details of education policy and administration budgets impresses me. Add her experience as a board trustee, her dedication to students and our community, all make me feel 100% confident that she has the ability to serve our educational system. Debbie is fair, articulate, responsible, and grounded. She has my support and vote. — Vesta Copestakes
Retired Founder, Sonoma County Gazette
Debbie is absolutely committed to the betterment of the students and cares about what the entire community wants and our needs. I think she will do a great job and be fair and non judgmental. I am excited and hopeful for Debbie to become a board member. Her dedication precedes her. — Terra Del Drago
I have great respect for Debbie's thoughtful leadership and problem solving skills. She is a remarkable candidate for this role! — Katharine Gabor
Former President, Sebastopol Educational Foundation
I have known Debbie for over ten years due to her son being in my class. Whether it was when we were 7 or, now, 17-18 she was always willing to lend an ear and hear us out on anything and everything. I believe without any doubt that Debbie will strive in this position, taking into consideration not only the voices of West County voters, but also the voices of students, making sure not one of us goes unheard. — Meghan Hartsock
Student at Analy High School
I fully endorse Debbie Ramirez for the WSCUHSD Board. We need change and new leadership and Debbie has the experience needed to be an excellent board member. — Diane Hughes
I fully endorse Debbie for this position. She has the knowledge, experience, commitment and passion that this board needs. — Diane Hughes
I highly recommended Debbie, she really cares about what truly matters! — Justin Lewis
Debbie has the background, the relationships, and the passion to bring our community together to create a fantastic future for our high school district. — Joseph McIntyre
Principal, 10 Circles Collaboration Consulting
Debbie is an outstanding candidate for At-Large Trustee. Over 12 years and more, I have witnessed Debbie single-parent two boys and continuously exhibit commitment and interest in their educational opportunities as well as all students' education. Because Debbie maintains a calm caring and clear-headed mind, she is able to navigate difficult situations with constituents with radically different interests and chart a clear path. I whole-heartedly endorse Debbie for this position without any reservations. — Cammy Michel
Licensed Psychologist
I met Debbie when the board was closing ELMO. Her dedication to transparency and fairness is unparalleled. Debbie is very familiar with the Brown Act and Education Code and is not afraid to do her research. Debbie would be a great asset to the District and to the entire community. — Jessalee Mills
Debbie has been a passionate and thoughtful person over the years I have known her. We need her dedication to community  and ‘can do' spirit serving the West Sonoma County Union School District as an at-large trustee. — Glenn Minervini-Zick, CPA, MHA
Earle Baum Center of the Blind, Advisor and MedWave Software Solutions, Board Member
Debbie has an amazing knowledge of school board regulations and brown act requirements. She is level headed and wants what is best for our community. I believe she will put ALL our kids first!! She has my vote!! — Stefanie Stornetta
El Molino Ag Boosters President
I believe Debbie‘s experience and dedication to the welfare of each student and our community will benefit us all. — Paul Tamminen
Family Therapist
I've known Debbie as a fellow parent, friend and colleague for 15 years and have witnessed her steady commitment to the students and good health of the educational system she's serving. I know of no one more dedicated and qualified to help lead progressive conversation and support to the West County High Schools and I'm thrilled that she's a candidate! — Kate Thompson
Analy Parent
Debbie has shown and continues to show her true dedication to the entire community that makes up the West County High School District. She is determined to do what's best for both the district and the students. She will be a fresh face on the high school board and bring a new and diverse perspective that the board is greatly lacking. We cannot continue to only have representation from one part of our large district, we need more people like Debbie who will better represent all students and their families. — Jennifer Zapp
Parent and Guerneville Local for 44 years
Madisen Adkins
Tor Allen
Magick Altman
Joelle Amand Barnard
Monty Barnard
Jay Beckwith
Linda Block
Carol Brady
Julie Burrows
Kristie Cannady
Former President, Sebastopol Educational Foundation
Adelia Canterbury
Skipper Cassady, Jr.
Jeanne Chernila
Barry Chertov
Steve Conwell
Trishia Davis
Barbara DeCarly
Emily Ducker
Mary Fricker
Kevin Gilman
Sherie Gradov
Gillian Haen
Ann Hamilton
Gail Hanson
Woody Hastings
Diane Helman
Retired Rural Carrier Forestville Post Office
Diane Helman
Herman J. Hernandez
Founder, Los Cien Sonoma County
Diane Hughes
Andalina Jones
Amber Rose Kofoid
Parent/ Alumni
Wendy Krupnick
Kenna Lee
Registered Nurse
Lynn Lott
Author, Positive Discipline series
Ron & Cathie Lunardi
Business Owner, Joe Lunardi Electric Co. Inc. & Retired Accounting Clerk at Harmony Union School District
Stefanie Maddocks
Tasha Mattison
Kara Mendez
Briana Millan
Sherry Mills
Lorien Nelson
Suzi O'Rear
Alexa Pagonas
Ryan Rabellino
Ellisa Reiff
Catherine Romeo
Madeleine Rose
Parker Salmon
Joan Schwan
Domenica Sheets
Geoffrey Skinner
Sara Snyder
Judy Tanner
Reneé Tchirkine
Rebecca Tiemens
Lori Todd
Edward Tollefson
Virginia Tourady
Nichole Warwick
Programs Manager, Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities at Daily Acts
Denise & Doug Wood
DW Enterprises, Forestville

Organizational Endorsements

Latino Times is honored to submit this endorsement for Debbie Ramirez. She is a dedicated community member to understanding the educational needs of all West Sonoma County students, and especially the Latinx students. We are proud to submit this endorsement on her behalf. — Latino Times Bilingual Publication and Newspaper


Debbie Ramirez for School Board 2022  FPPC#: 1452253
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